Bike Park Joy


Saturday’s opening of Powell River’s outrageously incredible skateboard/bike park was obviously a success, judging from the happy faces of kids and adults alike.

Prior to the event, caught up with Jim, from Spectrum Skateparks Inc. , and this is what he had to say.

“As skateboarders we are incredibly grateful to the Powell River Community Forest for providing funds for this park…we can’t wait to come ride it! Beyond that, this project  makes a huge statement. It says that the community of Powell River cares about their youth, demonstrating that by providing them with their place to be in the community, a place to practice their chosen sports. Skating and biking are a great form of exercise and a way to blow off steam, but they also develop youth in really positive ways. Being self-driven, with no coach telling riders what to do, riders develop personal drive, self-motivation, and the ability to try, try and try again in the face of challenges to push themselves forward. This park is a really positive development for Powell River youth, and of course for old guys like me who still skate in their 40’s and beyond.”


“Enjoy the park Powell River, congratulations on what you’ve accomplished, and also a big thanks to Lang Bay Aggregate for their kind donation of materials to build the park.”

Jim Barnum,  President, Spectrum Skateparks Inc. Pic Creds: Top photo Karen Skadsheim. Bottom photo CaroleAnn Leishman. Thanks from prdn.

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