PETS of Powell River

Meet Cassie, a lady-grande dachshund, who is so photogenic she’s in danger of becoming the mascot of Powell River Daily News. Cassie’s guardian Wendy, takes Cassie everywhere so she pops up in many photographs with many backgrounds, in many disguises. If your pet would like to be highlighted on prdn, send us an email with photo and we’ll post.

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4 Responses to PETS of Powell River

  1. Wendy Twomey says:

    Thanks Lorie Schell…. Sadly, my dear little Cassie died last October. I miss her so much!!! You must bring Charlie to our annual “wiener dog party” in June. Watch for notices – always in Mother Nature etc.

  2. Lorie Schell says:

    What a beautiful old girl you are Cassie. We have a daschund also named Charlie in black and brown.

  3. Wendy Twomey says:

    Thanks for posting my Cassie. I’ll look forward to seeing other Powell River pet photos.

  4. Janice Twomey says:

    What a beautiful doggie. She is the perfect mascot for Powell River and the PRDN.

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