Crime Prevention – Powell River RCMP


Powell River residents may have noticed Crime Prevention Notices on their vehicles windshields over the past week.

“This is a community effort to help reduce theft from vehicles,” Cst. Tim Kenning said. “Lock Out Auto Crime was created as a joint venture between the RCMP, crime prevention organizations and ICBC. The program is designed to be educational which promotes awareness and highlights safety measures to help protect vehicles from theft or vandalism.”

Volunteers visit areas in the community such as the Town Centre mall parking lot and take note of anything that attracts potential criminals to a vehicle, such as:

  • Are there items of value left out in the open?
  • Is your vehicle locked?
  • Does your vehicle have an anti-theft device?

The volunteer records each ‘prevention infraction’ and leaves it on the windshield for the driver to review. “These notices are entirely educational with no associated penalties or fines,” said Cst. Kenning.

“Auto theft is a crime of opportunity that is preventable. Something as minimal and insignificant as small change may lure a potential thief.”

As the holiday season traditionally has an increase of thefts from vehicles, Powell River Community Police volunteers have taken to the streets and parking lots to help prevent crime and keep our community safe.

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