BC Changes Winter Tire Signage

imageRoad signs no longer contain the word “OR’ which in the past suggested that winter tires are equivalent to M+S tires.

M+S tires are defined as an all-season tire that has been approved for use in mud and snow.

The Western Canada Tire Dealers Association, the Tire Dealers Association of Canada, the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada and the New Car Dealers Association of BC have been working on a very important issue that has to do with the BC government permitting all-season tires with an M+S designation on roads where winter tires were required, by law, in the past. This change came into effect last winter.

Recently, the province took out the word “OR” from highway signs that in the recent past stated that all-season tires “OR M+S tires were required during the winter months.

“They took the “OR” out,” explained Tire and Rubber Association of Canada president, Glenn Maidment, “because by leaving it in they were saying that an M+S tire is equivalent to a winter tire.”

Maidment says that this is a very positive move, “but i do not think that at this point in time they’re mandating winter tires on these roads.”

He calls it a “start,” and says that the government is doing the right thing by taking away the ambiguity and by not considering M+S and winter tires to be equal. “Clearly there’s still a way to go,” Maidment said. “But at least they have acknowledged, very directly, the industry’s concern.”

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