CJMP wants YOU!

imageOn Thursday, November 26, 7 p.m. at the Community Resource Centre, the Powell River Community Radio Society will hold it’s Annual General Meeting. Bring your voice and passion for community-owned media, and consider running for the board.

Things are happening at CJMP and there’s movement on the CJMP news department!

The station applied for a grant, says spokesperson Carrie Swiggum, to would develop a news department run by and for the community. “Hence the name ‘CJMP Community News Stream,'” Carrie said. “It is intentionally set-up as a stream to imply collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We find out about the grant in late February but can start planning and doing ahead of time.”

Following is the suggested set-up:

  • 1-hour weekly local news show, Fridays, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. with rotating volunteer news and production hosts
  • Weekly editorial meetings
  • Bi-monthly workshops that rotate between News Production (what is news and how to report it) and All Things Tech (from recording to editing to using the sound board)

“The idea is to create an inclusive environment that truly draws on our unique strengths and perspectives to create a show that educates, asks questions and introduces neighbours to each other,” Carrie said. “We’ve partnered with the Powell River Daily News to share content. There has been a wonderful response so far, thank you for being interested.”

For those who have already signed up to be segment producers, Carrie suggests “you start thinking about the first 3 segments; and for those who haven’t, there’s still room. Please email your segment idea and title before Christmas, and how often you plan to produce (every week, once a month?). 5-10 minutes per segment is ideal. Ideas so far have included: traffic report (for entertainment), weather, outdoorsy related things, wildlife report, gardening, debriefing room, sports??, etc. — get creative and have fun. Some of these ideas have been taken on by specific people, others are just ideas. If you already produce a show consider packaging newsy excerpts.”

Volunteers are needed to be:

  • news hosts
  • studio production hosts
  • tape gatherers
  • segment producers
  • general producers
  • engaged in the community and want to contribute editorial ideas
    (To avoid burnout and fear of commitment all of these positions will rotate with different people.)

The inaugural news show will kick off in the new year, 12 p.m. Friday, January 15th. “Bring questions to the AGM,” Carrie said. “The first workshop on news gathering will be held in the first two weeks of December, with the second on tech in early January.”



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