City puts remuneration repayment plan in place

imageData entry error has resulted in overpayment of remuneration to city councillors from the last and the current Powell River City Councils.

The total for the overpayment is $24,562.36 and plans for repayment are in place. The city is collecting the overpayment to all seven current members of council through a repayment plan. One previous member has paid in full. Another previous member, Debbie Dee, is paying through a service agreement with the city. The city is awaiting repayment arrangements for the remaining previous council member.

The overpayment of remuneration was brought to council’s attention at a February 2015 in camera council meeting. During another in camera meeting held November 5, 2015, council resolved to bring the February 2015 resolution from its in camera status to the Thursday, November 19 city council public meeting.

The overpayment dates back to January 1, 2013. To ensure overpayment does not occur again, the city’s chief financial officer and/or the manager of accounting will verify data input and sign off on future increases prior to payment.

City staff members are discussing with representatives of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development about how the city will reflect the overpayments and repayments in its Statement of Financial Information.


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