$4.7 million awarded to B.C. artists and arts organizations

More than $4.7 million is being distributed to 430 artists and arts organizations as part of the latest round of successful BC Arts Council grant adjudications.

These awards will enhance arts and culture in 57 B.C. communites. They are the result of applications examined through the BC Arts Council’s independent peer-review process between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2015, in the following program areas:

  • Arts-based community projects – 17 awards
  • Capacity and sustainability, performing and studio arts – 39 awards
  • Early career development,  performing and studio arts – 69 awards
  • Innovation, performing and studio arts – 29 awards
  • Media arts awards – 23 awards
  • Professional Development, performing and studio arts – 28 awards
  • Professional projects, music and theatre – 62 awards
  • Scholarship awards – 153 awards
  • Touring initiatives, performing arts – 10 awards

The funding is part of the $24 million provided to the BC Arts Council by the Government of British Columbia to support the province’s arts and culture sector in 2015-16.

For a full list of recent recipients, visit: https://www.bcartscouncil.ca/mediaroom/recipients.htm

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