Fairview Bay Hut


The Fairview Bay Hut is a perfect destination for daytime hikers or those paddling the coastline south of Saltery Bay. Even in inclement weather, it’s an easy two-three hour hike, each way, through beautiful forests and along rocky shores.

The hut, placed along the Sunshine Coast Trail, overlooks a south-facing, sandy beach, studded with oysters. It’s a fully enclosed shelter boasting a sleeping loft (large enough for 10 people), covered porch, fire pit, outhouse and picnic tables.


The Fairview Bay Hut was the first to be built in the fall of 2009, and is the prototype for all the other, open or partially open, shelters on the Sunshine Coast Trail.

In the summer of 2014 renovations were made to completely enclose this hut and add a covered porch. It’s a beautiful place to stop for lunch and a great spot to camp overnight.


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