Global Climate March


60,000 people turned out in Melbourne for Australia’s largest climate march ever. It was being lead by amazing young Indigenous people from Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network. This is an incredible way to start a weekend of action. (Photo Credit: Ac Dimatatac).


In the Philippines – climate justice means everyone comes together – unions, environmentalists, priests & nuns and many more. This march took place in Quezon City.


Folks in Cairo, Egypt, needed two selfie sticks taped together to capture this photo:

We’re not just fighting for the next generation – the next generation is joining the fight:


It’s time to keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition to renewable energy – and folks across the world are not shying away from saying it:

In Tokyo, Japan (Photo Credit: Hiroshi Okamoto)


In Samoa:


In Nepal:


In Dhaka, Bangladesh (Photo Credit: Maruf Hossain)


In Papua New Guinea (Photo Credit Dagia, Aka)


“Mina (in front) is dressed in a contemporary mix of traditional attire from the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea. Due to climate change – what used to be fertile lands up in the highlands is now suffering from severe drought. PNG will not be silent anymore. We are standing in solidarity with the world.”

In Wellington, New Zealand:


In Tokelau (Photo Credit: Litia Maiava)


We are ready for the solution. In fact, we’re already building it. Here’s a photo from Tokelau, the first nation in the world to go 100% renewable:

Frontline communities are not staying silent – this weekend, they are fighting for survival.

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