Out of this world – Moon Jelly


Look what the Marine Detective has been up to: Oh wow, oh wow, oh WOW! I found a female Moon Jelly brooding eggs! See them? They are brighter white. Most jellies in their class (Scyphozoan) just release eggs and sperm into the water column. But in Moon Jellies, when the male releases sperm, the pulsing action of the female Moon Jelly brings the sperm in contact with the eggs under her arms. The planulae larvae develop there until they hatch. These ciliated larvae then settle on a surface and grow into a polyp. Initially the poly has tentacles but will develop by budding into a stack of identical jellies by asexual reproduction (strobilation). These baby jellies (ephyrea) split off and grow into the adults that will reproduce sexually. Aurelia Labiata to 40 cm. For more information on Mood Jelly reproduction and to check out The Marine Detective – Jackie Hildering’s awesome site, click here.

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