Today – Climate Summit Underway in Paris


Called COP21 in UN-speak, the climate summit got underway today in Paris. World leaders, fossil fuel lobbyists and climate activists alike are shrugging on their suit jackets and going into battle. We’re not sure yet whether history will chalk COP21 up as a triumph or a talking shop or a little of both, but we gave our politicians a kick in the bum this weekend and we can’t pack up and go home.

According to Greenpeace, oil giant ExxonMobil is under fire. “They’re already being investigated by the New York Attorney General for lying to the world about climate science. And right now the Commission for Human Rights in the Philippines is thinking about going one step further. They’re considering an investigation into all Big Oil companies for fuelling catastrophic climate change and violating human rights. If they investigate, it could be groundbreaking – and what a message it would send to the politicians in Paris,” a spokesperson said.

But it’s on a knife edge. Big Oil’s lobbyists are trying to shut this investigation down before it even starts. Can you join tens of thousands of people around the world and write to the Commissioners in the Philippines, telling them to stick to their guns and open the investigation?

This wave of anger, of hope, of solutions and of marching together with one voice – it’s just the beginning, Greenpeace states. “To wake up to a better, brighter future, we’ll need to ride this wave of momentum through the COP21 and beyond. It’s not about politicians anymore. It’s about people. For more information,

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