We can collectively be the change – Message from MP Rachel Blaney


North Island – Powell River MP Rachel Blaney at the Global Climate March in Campbell River on Sunday, November 29th, speaking of her son’s fears of a day when there won’t be adequate oxygen for us to breathe and how this solidified her desire to work for change within government. Rachel called for governments to be bold and set concrete targets; not just voluntary hopes. “We can collectively be the change for a healthier, sustainable future,” she said.

MP Rachel Blaney’s message was read out at the Global Climate March in Powell River on Sunday:

“Though I am not able to be with you in person today, I will be participating in the rally in Campbell River before heading directly back to Ottawa this afternoon.

“This is an exciting time to be in our nation’s capital. The new government’s tone on climate change has been a welcome change for Canadians at home and for our allies abroad, but tone is not enough. Words must be followed by action, which is why events like this are so important.

“Today in our riding alone, people are gathering in the Comox Valley, in Powell River, on Texada Island and in Campbell River to push our leaders to make serious and ambitious commitments to address climate change. As your MP, I hear you loud and clear. So do Tom Mulcair and Nathan Cullen, who are both travelling to Paris as part of the Canadian delegation to the COP21 climate conference.

“You know and we know that climate change is the single greatest threat to our collective security, and we know that to address it we need our targets to be ambitious, and we need an immediate action plan that includes tools for reporting and enforcement.

“We know that the choice between a strong economy and a clean environment is a false proposition. We know in fact, that a strong and sustainable economic future is only possible if our environment is healthy and protected.

“It is time to set ambitious, accountable emission reduction targets, with annual progress reports. It is time to have a plan to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to transition to a clean economy by supporting energy efficiency and conservation, boosting our clean energy sector, putting a price on carbon, and eliminating the billion-dollar subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. It is also time for Canada to contribute to the Green Climate Fund to assist less developed nations adapt to the impacts of climate change.

“As the progressive opposition we are going to continue to push for this. We’re looking forward to working with the new government towards these goals, and to making sure that their words are backed up by significant action on climate change, next week in Paris and in the House of Commons over the next four years.”

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