Walk down memory lane

Do you have a story that goes with one of these photos? If so, drop us a note and tell us what you know drewen@powellriverdailynews.com.


One of Powell River’s biggest fires in January 1951 – the wharf in Westview burned down turning the blue skies overhead a thick black. Pic Cred: Elva Matheson.


This is  Pexton’s Meat Market in Cranberry. Photo taken February 10th, 1933. Pic Cred: Patrick Riley.


The old Post Office in Townsite, now home to Townsite Brewing. It was opened in 1926 as the Federal Building. The structure was intended to reflect the strength and stability of the government and was constructed at a cost of $50,000. It housed the Post Office, Customs and Excise and the Canadian Telegraph operations, which remained its function until 1974. Pic Cred: Richard Adaszynski.

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