Tiny Story Contest Winners 2015

imageDavid Nadalini, Olivia Williams and Desiree Young shared the spotlight as the top three Teen Division winners in the recent 420 Characters Tiny Story Contest, sponsored by the Powell River Library.

  • 1st Place: Broken Pencil – David Nadalini
  • 2nd Place: Reverse Psychology – Olivia Williams
  • 3rd Place: Another Universe – Desiree Young

Marg McNeil took first and second place in the Adult Division followed by Anne Carney in 3rd place.

  • 1st Place: The Children’s Answer Machine – Marg McNeil
  • 2nd Place: Lunch at the Sunnyside Care Home – Marg McNeil
  • 3rd Place: The Dress – Anne Carney

Honourable Mentions in the Teen Division went to the following:

  • The Girl with the Broken Matchstick – Arianna Shannon-Oliver
  • Thank You – Justin Johansen
  • Crash, Bang – Kayla Reed
  • Internal Struggle – Cloe Rowell
  • Successful – Callie McNeil
  • Differently Damaged – Sydney Hanson
  • Intense – Fairah Peterson
  • A Feather’s Memory – Zakery Forsyth

Honourable Mention in the Adult Division was awarded to:

  • Repair – Annabelle Tully-Barr

More than 100 entries were received for this year’s 420 Characters Tiny Story Contest, hosted by the Powell River Library. The contest was judged by Pieta Woolley and Carrie Swiggum.

Contest participants were challenged to pack vivid descriptions, original characters and surprising plot twists into a narrative small enough to fit in a status update. As a result the judges were faced with, “more than 100 entries so engaging, so diverse and so bursting with imagination that our Tiny Story Reading seemed like too small a window in which to appreciate them all.”

Click here to read all Teen Entries and Click Here to read all Adult Entries.

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