Magic of Christmas – Book Sale



The Magic of Christmas home-based business and craft fair takes place   this Saturday, December 12th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Upper Foyer of the Powell River Recreation Complex.

Friends of the Library will have tables loaded down with great books to delight you and yours, says Friends supporter Brownie. “What could be better than a new book adventure to amuse and entertain over the Christmas Holidays? We’ve got books for everyone–gardeners, cooks, birdwatchers, kids, mythology fans, armchair politicians and more! Mystery books, books about hockey, local history, biographies as well as lots of pocketbooks to snuggle down and unwind with after all that holiday excitement.”

Other great gift ideas are available, too. “How about honoring a friend with a Bookplate to go in a book in the new Library–it comes with a lovely Christmas gift card?” Brownie said. ” Or get a certificate that proudly tells everyone that someone you admire is One in a Thousand. Both of these items come with tax receipts too–a Christmas bonus in April!”

And don’t forget the Friends of the Library 2016 calendar. “Every month showcases a stunning view of the Powell River we love, all taken by local photographers'” Brownie said.

So come and say hello & buy some great Christmas gifts from Friends of the Library. “All sales Pump Up the Volume! of the 5,000 books we will buy for the new Library – opening soon in 2016,” Brownie concluded, “The best Christmas present for all of us!”

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