Holiday message from Let’s Talk Trash Team

Did you know that people during the month of December tend to generate 25% more trash? Approximately 33 million live trees are sold in North America during this season and consumption also experiences a peak. Consumption is often coupled with a growing discard pile. From packaging to old items being replaced, the pile of unwanted material tends to grow this time of year.

With some creative thinking you can still celebrate the spirit but avoid an aftermath of trash. Here are some ideas to help you get started.


Furoshiki – Alternative gift wrap

Use fabric to wrap gifts. An array of different wrapping methods for different sized and shaped objects can be found here. Check out our furoshiki pdf to help guide you into a whole new wrapping expertise! No fabric, tea towels or material you say? Seek out newspaper, scrap paper and stray odds and ends complete your wrapping. A festive stamp might be your signature touch to embellish your creative wrapping.


Driftwood Trees – Festive Trees

Looking for an alternative to a live tree? Head to one of many beaches! A simple branch on the wall with a few decorations can even do the trick. Consider a live tree in a pot that can be dressed up each year. The options are endless once you get going.



Gift Ideas- Low waste & local

Looking to make a low waste gift impact? Gift your skills, homemade goods, gift cards and experiences.

Making a donation in someone’s name or even re-gifting are becoming popular alternative gift ideas.

Info and pic creds: Let’s Talk Trash Team, check them out here.

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  1. Caroline says:

    great item, love it

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