Council Meeting Highlights – December 17, 2015

imageThe following summarizes the December 17, 2015 Regular Council meeting. This information is provided in accordance with Council’s Strategic Priority – Governance and is in keeping with the City’s commitment to the principles of openness, transparency and accountability. City of Powell River Website:

Myrna Leishman appeared on behalf of the Sunset Homes Society to request a grant in aid for the former Olive Devaud facility.

Funding Cultural Diversity Event
Council agreed that the annual cultural diversity event be funded through the existing agreement with the Powell River Council for Arts, Culture and Heritage. The agreement between the Arts Council and the City of Powell River authorizes the Arts Council to approve and distribute funds, allocated in the City’s budget, through grants for qualifying arts, culture and heritage endeavours.

Funding Phase 2 of Northern Sunshine Coast Signage Renewal Project
Council approved $48,750 funded from Community Works fund, for phase 2 of the Northern Sunshine Coast Signage Renewal Project. The signage project will replace and refresh a variety of signs within the community and rural areas, at ferry terminals at Little River, Earls Cove and Powell River and throughout major trailhead accesses.

Future funding for fishing float on Cranberry Lake
Council approved allocating $50,000 within the next 10-year capital plan for the installation of a fishing platform at Cranberry Lake with the proviso that the project be funded through non-property tax sources.

Funding for Logger Sports
Council supported the redevelopment of the logger sports area at Willingdon Beach Park and approved submitting a $50,000 funding application to the Powell River Community Forest for the project.

Fire and Emergency Services Policy Review
As part of the ongoing Council Policy review, Council reaffirmed Policy 78 – Response Outside Municipal Boundaries, a policy that sets direction for Powell River Fire Rescue in responding to emergencies outside the City boundaries. Council also reaffirmed Policy 211 – Fire Rescue Fleet Complement a policy that provides direction when preparing short and long terms plans for the fire protection fleet. Council rescinded a number of historical Fire and Emergence Services policies that have been implemented or replaced by operations or other jurisdictions.

Human Resources Policy Review
As part of the ongoing Council Policy review, Council rescinded a number of historical Human Resources related policies that have been implemented or replaced by operations, collective agreements, employment contracts or other jurisdictions.

Canadian Coast Guard Proposal for new operations centre
Council expressed a positive response to the Canadian Coast Guard proposal for the development of a new Coast Guard Search and Rescue operations centre at the former barge facility site at 4315 Marine Avenue and directed staff to advise the Coast Guard of the requirements to be met in order for council to consider approval of the project.

Interim Chief Financial Officer Appointment
Council approved the appointment of Corien Becker as Interim Chief Financial Officer effective January 4, 2016.

Millennium Park Value Assessment
Council approved hiring a certified consultant to conduct a Forest Carbon Scoping Exercise for Millennium Park following the BC Forest Carbon Offset Protocol as an Avoided Deforestation project and provide a report that quantifies the forest carbon offsets from the avoided deforestation that can then be used to help meet the City of Powell River’s Climate Action Charter commitments, for a cost not to exceed $5,000.

Comment on Investigation of Independent Power Project
Council approved advising the Province that the City of Powell River does not support a Crown Land Licence for Waterpower Investigative Phase for a project encompassing a 4,654 hectare area in Powell River Regional District affecting the Haslam Lang Community watershed and the Powell River Community Forest Tenure and also the City requests a referral and opportunity to comment if this project proceeds beyond the investigative phase and for any future applications that may have implications for our community watershed or community forest.

Submission to co-host AVICC conference
Council approved partnering with the Powell River Regional District and submitting a joint application to co-host an upcoming Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Annual General Meeting and Convention.

Tla’amin Delegation Agreement
Council approved advising the Province that the City does not have any suggested amendments or concerns regarding the Tla’amin Delegation Agreement. The Agreement gives Tla’amin law making authority such as land use, planning, zoning, protection of the environment, health) to the foreshore lands adjacent to uplands that will become treaty lands upon effective date of the treaty. The City does not hold any current interest or infrastructure within the Delegation Area.

Borrowing for Crossroads Village New Library
Council approved borrowing from the Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia as part of the 2016 Spring Borrowing Session, $3,500,000 as authorized through Crossroads Village New Library Loan Authorization Bylaw 2391, 2014 and requested the Powell River Regional District consent to the borrowing over a 30-year term and include the borrowing in their Security Issuing Bylaw.

Library Board Appointments
Council approved the Library Board reappointments of Jon van Oostveen, Ken Greenwell and Chloe Smith each for two year terms and Councillor Southcott for a one year term, all commencing January 1, 2016.

Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 2423
Council approved Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 2423, a bylaw that sets out the proposed expenses and funding for the general, water and sewer funds, transfers to and from surplus and reserves, payment of debt and acquisition of capital assets for the years 2016 – 2020.

Sewer User Rates Bylaw 2424
Council approved Sewer User Rates Bylaw 2424, a bylaw that sets the 2016 fees for use of the City’s Sanitary Sewer System.

Sewer Treatment and Disposal System Bylaw 2427
Council approved Sewer Treatment and Disposal System Bylaw 2427, a bylaw that establishes the 2016 frontage tax rates for repayment of construction and operation costs of the City’s Sewage Treatment and Disposal System.

Sewer Collector System Bylaw 2428
Council approved Sewer Collector System Bylaw 2428, a bylaw that establishes the 2016 frontage tax and charges for the Sanitary and Storm Sewer Collector System.

Waterworks Regulations and Rates Bylaw 2425
Council approved Waterworks Regulations and Rates Bylaw 2425, a bylaw that provides for the installation, operation and management of the City of Powell River Waterworks system and the collection of fees and charges for water.

Lease Rates Amendment Bylaw 2434
Council gave first, second and third reading to Lease Rates Bylaw 2416, 2015 Amendment Bylaw 2434, 2015, a amendment bylaw to provide Council with some flexibility in establishing lease rates if conditions are warranted.

Motion to go In Camera
Council resolved to go In Camera to discuss matters relating to personal information about an identifiable individual, labour relations and land.

If further information is needed on any of these matters, please contact the City Clerk at 604-485-8603 or email These highlights are provided to summarize the Council meeting and are not the official record of the meeting. The minutes of this meeting will be posted on the City’s website once adopted.

Event date:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 – 9:00am

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