Creative Process – Out Loud

What is the News? Who Creates the News? Who is News? Start off 2016 with a thought provoking hands-on workshop that will put participants in the writer’s seat and perhaps, collectively, supply the answers to these critical questions.

Two workshops – Creative Process Out Loud – hosted by Zoe Ludski of Theatre in Development, take place this coming weekend:

  •   Saturday, January 2nd, starting at 7:00 pm, a Staged Reading of Death Waltz by Andrea Layne Black and Nola Poirer, followed by Zoe Ludski reading from her work, MINE. At 8:00 pm the workshop – The Creative Process Behind the News – begins.
  • Sunday, January 3rd, starting at 7:00 pm, a Staged Reading of Death Waltz by Andrea Layne Black and Nola Poirer, followed by Zoe Ludski reading from her work, MINE. At 8:00 pm, the Acting Workshop – Character and Scene – takes place.

“I believe that true learning happens during the reflection process,” Zoe said. “The workshops are for those who would like to know a bit more about the details. The participants must be at the performance as well, as the material in the workshop will be based on those scripts and the content.”

Zoe is more than comfortable with the topics up for discussion. She graduated from Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts Program in 2001 and worked as News Director for a radio station in West Virginia for many years, covering the Sago Mine Disaster in 2006.

“After the fallout of the incident, I suffered severe Post Traumatic Stress and became more and more disillusioned by the state of news and journalism,” she said. “My experience forced me to actively preach media literacy and teach media literacy skills to anyone I can.”

Theatre and film are central to Zoe’s life. “I have learned that many people are quite secretive about their creative processes and about their creative work as it develops,” she said. “I have been working for many years – eight – on a script I intend to do as a transmedia performance.”

The piece, called MINE, is based on the Sago Mine Disaster. “As the 10-year anniversary of the event approached, it takes place January 2 – 4th, I realized I needed to share what I had so far. I needed to be with people on that night and tell them the story of what happened. Once I started planning for it, I realized I actually had a few pieces that I had written that had never been shared, so I thought I would pick a few and just make it a whole evening of new works. I realize that in asking an audience to join me, I’m suggesting that there is something of value for them as well – not just my own ego wanting to show and tell – my goal in sharing these stories is to provoke people to think about their values and about Media and most importantly, the News.”

The Creative Process Behind the News will examine archival media from the actual mining accident and deconstruct some of the elements. “We will have a more in-depth discussion about the miscommunication at Sago Mine and my personal role as a news director on site,” Zoe said. ‘Discussions will centre on What is the News, Who Creates the News and Who is News. We will also discuss the difference between news in different media. Participants will have a chance to try writing news in the moment for different media. We will be using actual media from my notes and reports at the Sago Mine Accident.”

The Acting Workshop is for people who would like to explore character and try their hand at a scene. “The first staged reading of the evening is a short absurd comedy I wrote called Death Waltz,” Zoe said. “I wrote the piece attempting to create something that could be played by any gender, any age, anyone and where the details of each character is vague enough that the actor can make exciting choices and the ending could go multiple ways.”

Zoe said the trick was in making it all comprehensible. “It was written as a workshop piece for directors and actors, really,” So, I thought we could workshop it! I also have scenes from the Sago Mine piece that people can choose to play with as well if they would like to try a drama.”

It has been said by Zoe’s acting teachers that she is “more comfortable on the stage than off.” “I’ve trained in various places and styles, and directed several shows but always prefer to be acting,” she said. “In the past five yeas I have taken to performing Stand Up Comedy just to be able to be on stage. It’s by far the most challenging. The writing and performing are so closely linked – the timing of each breath so precise. I love it!”

The dual workshops are meant to be fun and informal. “Come if you can, stay if you can,” Zoe said. Workshops are limited to 12 people each and everyone will be treated to hot chocolate, a fire and stories. “Maybe a laugh or a tear or two, as well,” Zoe added. “But in the end, a hope for change with knowledge of how to make it.”

For more information, please contact Zoe at

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One Response to Creative Process – Out Loud

  1. While reading Zoe’s interview, one can’t help but feel her passion and love for her profession. The subject matter should find its way to the ‘Schools of Journalism’ around the globe. – Stephen Penberthy (Australia)

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