Two Artists – 2D &3D Artwork

Double your opportunity to talk with an artist this week as two local artists join forces to present 2D &3D Art Show at Malaspina Exhibition Centre – Vancouver Island University. The Opening Reception for the month long Art Show is this Thursday, January 7th, starting at 7:00 pm.

The two artists, who haven’t met in person as of yet, are Katie McLean and Leonore Sattman. “It was suggested we double up and use the space together,” Katie said. “This is my first, solo, art show and I’m looking forward to meeting people and discussing my art work.”

Katie’s medium is drawing with pencil crayons, and she has been working and perfecting her artistic expression since she was a small child. “I had an unusual upbringing,” she said. “My mother home schooled us before we attended an alternate school. During that time, I took up drawing dolls and paper doll clothes. That’s how my interest began.”

Over the years Katie has expanded her techniques and works at her art just about every day. “Except for the times my babies were really small,” she said. “But even then, I kept ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’ things I wanted to draw in the future.”

Katie has the artist’s eye and need to express the beauty she sees around her every day. “Some of my drawings feature my kids,” she said. “I really like portraiture and the character in people’s faces, I find the differences in us very interesting.”

While some artists have a political message, trying to right social injustices, for example, Katie’s art work has a simpler message. “I appreciate all the work different artists produce, but for me it is a deep need to just create. And, when I ‘see’ something that moves me, I start thinking about how I can express that and a new drawing emerges,” she said. “I have an artistic need to show beauty.”

Art is not Katie’s only outlet, she’s also a cook. “I’ve made some goodies for the Opening Reception,” she said. “And I’ve invited lots of people,so I hope we have a good turnout so everyone can enjoy the art and have a few tasty treats for snacks.”

Join Katie and Lenora this Thursday and see for yourself how captivating their art work really is. Katie will have cards and prints for sale and perhaps, an original drawing or two. Unfortunately, prdn was unable to contact Lenora at the time of this publication, but we’re still working on it. Meanwhile, see you at the Art Show.


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