Marathon Shuffle – Time to Register!


The Marathon Shuffle is an annual rite of spring for many – it takes place on the last Sunday of every April. The Marathon Shuffle is hosted by PAWS (Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society), Club Fat Ass, the Powell River Hikers and the BOMB (Bloody Old Men’s Brigade) Squad to promote the beauty of the Sunshine Coast Trail.


  • A fun, low key shuffle (hike or run) on a 29 km section of the Sunshine Coast Trail
  • Half Shuffle (12 km) option
  • Great single-track trails through old growth, temperate rain forests, along creeks and lake shores, through dales and over hills
  • Along the way see one of the 13 shelters constructed on the Sunshine Coast Trail, most of which include sleeping lofts, picnic tables and outhouses
  • Magnificent vistas of the Sunshine Coast, adjacent islands, nearby lakes and the city
  • Free event, but donations to PAWS to maintain the trail are appreciated (gas, oil, repairs, replacement tools). Box 345, Powell River, BC, V8A 5C2
  • Please note, this is a TRASH FREE event
  • This event attracts runners and hikers from across the province, and further afield as well. The current record holders for the Full Shuffle are: Male: Graham Cocksedge (Powell River) 2:22;46 (2014). Female: Nicola Gildersleeve (Vancouver) 2:52:23 (2015)


  • This year’s Marathon Shuffle will take place on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

How Much?

  • There is no entry fee for this event; however donations to PAWS are encouraged and most welcome. All donations go towards trail maintenance and development (gas, tools, repairs, building materials, transportation).
  • Please sign up for this free event online and in advance. This will allow PAWS to keep the logistics immediately before the event to a minimum..
  • If you are interested in PAWS membership, or in making a donation to PAWS, please send a cheque to Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society, Box 345, Powell River, BC, V8A 5C2. Or, visit to donate via PayPal. PAWS will also take your cash at the event, and write tax-deductible receipts.

All information and Pic Cred: Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society and Sunshine Coast Trail.

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One Response to Marathon Shuffle – Time to Register!

  1. Brian lee says:

    Looking forward to beating last years time

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