Start Respecting the Sunshine Coast

imageMechanical issues with a propeller means the Queen of Burnaby will need repairs and will be pulled off the Powell River – Comox run for the third time in a year.

This prompted Mayor Dave Formosa to state:

“My message to BC Ferries is to start respecting the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, and cities and towns and communities that they service. This is our highway, BC Ferries doesn’t seem to want to accept that.”

Formosa said BC Ferries needs to start listening to people who live along the coast.

“They can’t keep putting this on the backs of the people. They can’t. It’s going to stop, at some point. The people just will demand it. How that happens, I don’t know. But it has to come to an end, somehow. They just can’t afford this.”

The Queen of Burnaby should be back in service by the end of the month and a new ferry for the route is being built. That vessel should be in service next year, but Formosa says it holds fewer vehicles than the Queen of Burnaby.

Pic Cred: BC Ferries. Info Cred: Amelia John, Powell River (News 1130) Posted Jan. 4, 2016.

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3 Responses to Start Respecting the Sunshine Coast

  1. Peter says:

    The Queen of Burnaby is due to be replaced in the fall of THIS year (2016) by the Salish Orca. The Salish Orca will have a capacity of 165 cars, whereas the Queen of Burnaby accommodates 192 cars. Will this be big enough? Who knows!
    I listened to Mayor Formosa on CBC yesterday and, for the first time, I heard a clear explanation of the Queen of Burnaby’s woes. One of the aged vessel’s propeller shafts is worn and is causing leaks where it passes through the seal that keeps the Georgia Strait out. Replacement parts are no longer available, so BC Ferries are trying to kludge a fix that will keep the thing afloat until the Salish Orca arrives.
    Why couldn’t BC Ferries tell us this? I’m tired of vague references to “mechanical issues” or “operational issues”. Just tell us the facts. We’re big boys and girls now!

  2. fribance says:

    I know it wouldn’t solve the PR/Comox problems, but a road between PR and Squamish, the Third Crossing would solve all problems for PR and points East and South and allow BC Ferries to concentrate more thought and money on the PR/Comox run.

  3. JustAThought says:

    I know it wouldn’t help with the Comox run, but a road between PR and Squamish, the Third Crossing, would certainly solve any problems with ferries between PR and points east. In turn, BC ferries could devote more attention and money to the PR/Comox run.

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