Happy Face Trail

The early morning light glances off the tree tops on the Happy Face Trail, south of town. One loop through the trails will take half an hour while another will keep you hiking for twice as long. You can take your pick. On this frosty morning the dogs were up for a longer walk so we hiked for more than an hour an a half without seeing a salal picker, fellow hiker, biker, horse or dog. A quiet morning’s solitude plus exercise plan rolled into one.

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3 Responses to Happy Face Trail

  1. You can enter the Happy Face loop in a few places it is off the south end of Kristensen rd, or up duck lake rd look for trail on right hand side. I have created a new walking group for the sole purpose of helping residents and visitors to learn where local trails are, starting with this one check out ” learning the nearby trails” or
    contact me by email or fb … Bev Dunn, charlietuff02@outlook.com

  2. fribance says:

    Where is the Happy Face Trail?

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