BC Ferries & TAP


Thanks to a friend who sent prdn the above photo, obviously it has been photoshopped. Sorry, we don’t know who took the original, but let prdn know and we’ll give you pic creds.

The following information is to assist residents travelling from Powell River to Vancouver for medical reasons with TAP forms while the North Island Princess fills in for the rest of January 2016. According to BC Ferries:

Customers travelling to scheduled medical appointments on a TAP (Travel Assistance Plan) pass will have the following services available to significantly decrease any chance of being overloaded at Saltery Bay:

  • Customer must call BC Ferries Customer Service at 1-888-223-3779 with details on planned travel date/time
  • BC Ferries Customer Service will inform Saltery Bay Terminal staff as required
  • Customer will be asked to arrive at Saltery Bay a minimum of 1 hour prior to sailing time and identify themselves as being a TAP traveller and having called ahead
  • Saltery Bay Terminal staff, or North Island Princess crew, will do their best to accommodate that customer on the next scheduled sailing

TAP forms can also be processed at the Saltery Bay ticket booth for Texada Island passengers, just make sure the form is signed, and includes the confirmation number. For more information, visit bcferries.com.

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One Response to BC Ferries & TAP

  1. fribance says:

    If this isn’t enough proof that we need the road from PR to Squamish, I don’t know what it will take.

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