PETS of Powell River

Meet Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, three young rabbits living at large at the cemetery in Cranberry. The three rabbits weren’t lonely – at midday, within sight, there were at least 15 other like-coloured rabbits hopping around and nibbling at the plentiful grass. Feral rabbits have become a big problem in this area bordering the cemetery and Crown Avenue, and the City of Powell River is planning a cull. This problem was caused by humans, obviously, someone either released or lost their rabbits to the wild and now the rabbits are breeding, well, just like rabbits. If we thought a bit more about our actions the City wouldn’t have to hire someone to trap, euthanize and dispose of these animals. The BC SPCA can help if you have a rabbit you can’t care for any longer. Give them a call at 604-485-9252.

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