Kinder Morgan Westridge drilling barge seized and shut down

UPDATE: Activists spent last night on Burrard Inlet, some using the body of the crane on board the barge for shelter. The drill is still stopped and the work crews are hanging out with nothing to do. The activists are inviting supporters to rally on Monday at the end of North Cliff Road. Donations of water, coffee, tea and food would be greatly appreciated.

To keep up with this story, check in with Burnaby Mountain Updates FB page.

imageNew recruits head out to the Kinder Morgan Westridge barge in Burrard Inlet on Sunday, January 17th. Pic Cred: Brett Rhyno.

The following article was posted by Burnaby Mountain Updates on Sunday, January 17th, 2016. For immediate release:

BACKGROUND: In the morning of January 17th, 2016, a number of activists boarded a Kinder Morgan barge in the Burrard Inlet, seizing equipment and stopping the crew from drilling. The action, endorsed by hereditary chiefs, comes after nearly a year of controversy regarding the company’s presence in the area.

Under the consent of Tsleil-Waututh Hereditary Chief Tulsii’m Kia’palanexw and Wei-Wai-Kay Hereditary Chief Geh-Soh-Giliach, Gigamaie, work crews contracted by Kinder Morgan undertaking offshore geotechnical operations on the Burrard Inlet by Westridge Marine Terminal, were shut down at approximately noon on Sunday, January 17th, by Hereditary Chief Geh-Soh-Giliach, Gigamaie and Xenoa Skinteh. Both people were involved in the Autumn Resistance of 2014 on so called Burnaby Mountain.

The Autumn resistance which is heralded as a success of ‘the people’ by many ENGOs, is strongly scrutinized by many of those involved in the blockade at Burnaby Mountain. Their true aims were to shut down and stop all drilling and surveying in order to prevent Kinder Morgan from obtaining the information needed to begin pipeline construction. While the Burnaby Mountain protests helped to inform many it failed in fully stopping the drills – todays action is making use of more direct methods to fulfill the goal of stopping the drills.

In late 2015, Kinder Morgan gave notice that drilling would take place between December 2015 and February 2016.

Kinder Morgan has not undertaken the necessary consultation with Hereditary Chiefs, and they are infringing upon the sovereignty of indigenous people of the unceded lands and waters here in Coast Salish Territory. With the permission from the Tsleil-Waututh Chief, and following a protocol of consultation the drill and barge will be seized and stopped from completing it’s work. This action is done to remind Kinder Morgan that they do not have the right to be drilling as they have not received consent from the traditional and sovereign governance of this land.

This action should also serve as a reminder to the public that we must do more than write, rally, and march. All are necessary but direct action is what will protect the water, air, land and people from toxic tar sands developments, the capitalistic drive of the Kinder Morgan machine, and the genocidal Canadian Government. It is also a way to show true solidarity with Indigenous nations, as they are most regularly the first displaced, the first poisoned, and the first killed by extractive processes. Direct Action was successfully used on Burnaby Mountain prior to the arrival of ENGOs and succeeded in delaying the arrival of the trucks and equipment for three months. These are the actions that are necessary.

This action is in solidarity with all indigenous nations displaced by the Tar Sands, along the current and proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline routes, and in solidarity with the Secwepemc Nation and Secwepemc Woman Warrior Society. Kinder Morgan plans on expanding north through Wet’suwet’en Territory, the same nation that Unist’ot’en Camp is a part of.

These lands are unceded, these lands are indigenous. We are putting an end to genocide, ecocide, capitalism, and the colonial process that continues to this day.”


Down at the Terminal now. Dan and Xenoa are still on the barge. A tug is pushing it out as we speak. Pic Cred: Brett Rhyno.


Tanker refueling at the Westridge Terminal. Photo taken at 8:45 am, Monday, January 18th, 2016. Pic Cred: Brett Rhyno.

To keep up with this story, check in with Burnaby Mountain Updates FB page.


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