Letter to the Editor

January 18, 2016
Re: rezone vacant Kemano Street property

Esteemed Civic Leaders:

I have no personal interest in this proposal, but would like to ask how increasing population density on the periphery of the city fits with the espoused objectives of sustainability.

In the area involved there are no stores, public facilities or schools, except for the Music Academy. This means that given the rudimentary state of public transport and its unpopularity, going to smaller lot sizes will immensely increase the personal transportation requirements of the area.

The new occupants will do practically all errands by car, and this factor affects the overall economic equation as well as civic lifestyle. It would seem more logical to promote larger rather than smaller lot sizes on the city’s outskirts, and to encourage and help holders of the many acres of wasteland in central Westview to reclaim their properties for higher density development, thus strengthening the core infrastructure of the area.

Continual expansion outward while the center decays is a very familiar scenario in North America but does not seem like a sustainable development plan. One might also consider that human activity does not really occur on vacant land, but rather affects and often displaces myriad other life forms. Perhaps one should be mindful of this fact and try wherever possible to mitigate the effects of our expanding presence.

Yours Truly, Ted Crossley, Hammond St. (See map below)


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