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It’s tea time on the Yamal Peninsula. Through his extraordinary photography, Sergey Anismov has done more than most to show real Siberia to the world. His work has featured all around the globe, notably in National Geographic, and he is the organizer and president of the International Photography Contest Global Arctic Awards, which unites leading photographers of polar regions.


While Sergy Anismov has chronicled other kingdoms of cold, it is the Yamal peninsula in Siberia, on his doorstep in Salekhard, that he is most famous for photographing. Bordered by the Kara Sea and the Gulf of ob, Yamal extends almost 700 km and its indigenous inhabitants are the Nenets people. This pristine wilderness is also Russia’s biggest gas producing area, and crucial to keeping Europe warm in winter. In Nenets language, Yamal means “the end of the world.” (From Painter of the “End of the World” by Kate Baklitskaya, Go East, posted in The Siberian Times, March 07/14).



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