Now, Where Did I See That?

That was fast! Where did this come from? Ten-year-old Austin shows his surprise last week after the City installed this public charging station for electric vehicles in the parking lot behind City Hall. There are two more charging stations – one at Pacific Point Market, and another at Willingdon Avenue by the boat trailer parking lot.

The public charging stations can fully recharge cars in six to eight hours and can charge two vehicles at the same time. This is a timely move as BC recently joined Zero Emission Vehicles Alliance, with a goal to see gas-powered cars phased out by 2050.

The Powell River charging stations cost $4,000 each to purchase and $18,000 to install.

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One Response to Now, Where Did I See That?

  1. Iveseenitall says:

    4,000 to purchase and 18,000 to install! Unreal.

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