Legal woes for Catalyst

imageCatalyst Paper is being sued in civil court by the Halalt First Nation, who along with their business partners, allege the 59-year-old mill in Crofton is trespassing on their land.

In two separate suits, the Halalt First Nation claims the Vancouver Island mill, operating since 1957, is trespassing and has interfered with its water and land rights, causing damage to fisheries and lands within the Halalt Nation’s territory. The trespassing suit is seeking $2 billion and a permanent order to prevent Catalyst from conducting operations at the Crofton Mill on the southeast coast of Vancouver Island, near Duncan.

A separate suit, also filed by Halalt Nation, with Sunvault Energy Inc. and Aboriginal Power Corp, seeks $100 million from Catalyst as well as an order from the court to permanently stop Catalyst from building, owning or operating an anaerobic digester facility. Photo: Catalyst Mill, Powell River site.


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5 Responses to Legal woes for Catalyst

  1. Interesting..what more can you share?

  2. Joycenne says:

    I worked there from 1975 to 1998. We dug up ancient remains. The band was told of this and just wanted to rebury and said nothing then.. I was the foreman on site. Maybe they should look at that then and now what is the issue… Money.?? I am a witness to it all.

  3. Kaye says:

    This is ridiculous. Start charging the natives for coming onto our land. Tell them they are trespassing on our land. The natives wonder why there is hard feelings sometimes

  4. It still has a Kraft division, like Powell River used to have.

  5. Caroline says:

    it is a particularly stinky mill

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