Pacific Ferries launches foot passenger ferry service


A new foot passenger ferry service between Gibsons and Horseshoe Bay was launched yesterday afternoon by Pacific Ferries. Starting with weekday afternoon and evening sailings, the Coastal Clipper will offer foot passengers the option of bypassing the Langdale terminal and taking a 25-minute run between Horseshoe Bay and the public dock in Gibsons, and back again, said Pacific Ferries spokeswoman Linda Feuerhelm.

The new service will operate at peak times in the late afternoon and early evening. According to the company’s website, regular sailings will be twice a day in the afternoons from Monday to Friday, starting at 2:55 pm from Horseshoe Bay (3:30 pm from Gibsons) with an additional sailing Wednesday to Friday that leaves Horseshoe Bay at 7:20 pm (7:50 from Gibsons).

Tickets are $15 to get from Horseshoe Bay to Gibsons, but are free for the return trip. Bikes can be brought on board for an extra $2.

imageNext week Pacific Ferries will implement foot passenger service between Bowen Island and Horseshoe Bay. Tickets for that route will be $10 with a free return trip.

To attract new customers at their start-up, Pacific Ferries is offering free rides from Horseshoe Bay to Gibsons for the first three days, January 27/28/29.

For more information on rates and sailing times for Pacific Ferries, see Pic Creds: Pacific Ferries.


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3 Responses to Pacific Ferries launches foot passenger ferry service

  1. John says:

    I think that is great ,, and as long as the foot passenger has a way to get from Earls cove to Langdale ,or Powell River straight threw to Van. , there will be a lot of travel by foot passengers as at this point ,, only way is expensive air flight ,, May take a bit of fine tuning , but hay give it a chance

  2. Yeah, agreed! Thanks for the info.

  3. Peter says:

    Also, take a look at It seems that they are proposing a high-speed, foot ferry service from Vancouver to Powell River. It’s actually a three stage trip, with a ferry between Saltery Bay and Earls Cove, a coach between Earls Cove and Langdale and another ferry between Langdale and Horseshoe Bay. The company seems to have a much better understanding of the business they are in than BC Ferries. BC Ferries thinks that their business is operating ferries. YVR Clipper knows that the real business is getting people from Powell River to Vancouver.

    The objection can be raised that it is only a foot ferry and will not take vehicles, but how many people really want to take a vehicle into Vancouver? In the absence of public transport, a vehicle is essential to get between Earls Cove and Langdale, but do you really want to take it into the city?

    This is only a proposal and may evaporate in smoke if it is found not to be feasible, but it is an interesting idea.

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