YVRClipper – Highspeed Foot Passenger Ferry Services

Peter, a prdn reader, commented on Pacific Ferries launches foot passenger ferry service, posted Wednesday, January 27th, 2016. His comment read:

Also, take a look at http://www.yvrclipper.com. It seems that they are proposing a high-speed, foot ferry service from Vancouver to Powell River. It’s actually a three stage trip, with a ferry between Saltery Bay and Earls Cove, a coach between Earls Cove and Langdale and another ferry between Langdale and Horseshoe Bay. The company seems to have a much better understanding of the business they are in than BC Ferries. BC Ferries thinks that their business is operating ferries. YVR Clipper knows that the real business is getting people from Powell River to Vancouver.

The objection can be raised that it is only a foot ferry and will not take vehicles, but how many people really want to take a vehicle into Vancouver? In the absence of public transport, a vehicle is essential to get between Earls Cove and Langdale, but do you really want to take it into the city?

This is only a proposal and may evaporate in smoke if it is found not to be feasible, but it is an interesting idea.


According to YVClipper.com website, “THE MORE INPUT WE RECEIVE FROM (YOU) COMMUNITY MEMBERS – THE BETTER!” So, check them out, get involved, let them know what you think. Email: office@hollandcanadaline.com


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One Response to YVRClipper – Highspeed Foot Passenger Ferry Services

  1. Graeme Murray says:

    An interesting idea for sure. However, unless the price is extremely attractive it may be more cost effective for a foot passenger to just fly especially when taking time into account.

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