Powell River SPCA stance on Feral Rabbit Cull

imageThe Powell River Branch of SPCA maintains the same stance as the BC SPCA when it comes to feral rabbits. “The BC SPCA is fundamentally opposed to the inhumane culling of feral rabbits, and encourages the use of non-lethal options for controlling rabbit populations through an integrated wildlife management approach,” said Brandy Craig, BC SPCA Powell River Branch Manager.

“The BC SPCA supports activities that aim to humanely trap, sterilize and re-home rabbits in suitable homes or sanctuaries that can provide for their needs for the remainder of their lives.”

In regard to the culling of feral rabbits on Crown Avenue, near the Cranberry Cemetery that is currently underway by the City of Powell River, Brandy said, “The management of the feral rabbit colony is a municipal responsibility; the only role the BC SPCA Powell River Branch will have is to ensure that the rabbits are humanely trapped and killed.”

For more information, please contact BC SPCA Powell River & District Branch Manager, Brandy Craig at 604-485-9252.

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3 Responses to Powell River SPCA stance on Feral Rabbit Cull

  1. Laurina Mayenburg says:

    Living at the centre of the rabbit population I can assure you that the population is down substantially. I have no idea how the rabbits in the cemetery are being killed, humanely or not, legally or not. The rabbits have been keeping the dandelion population down by eating the flowers before they go to seed. Thus they act both as a weed controller and natural fertilizer. Daily many vehicles come with small children, several stroke-disabled adults, mentally challenged young people, to visit and see the bunnies, displaying pure joy and ecstasy at these lovely creatures. Some rabbits have been culled by owls, ravens, and hawks, and we consider this to be nature’s way of keeping the race strong and healthy. I hope their presence will be a joy to many people for many years to come, as it has been to my husband and I. If you wish to wander around our property though, out of common decency and respect for our property and privacy, I would ask that you come to the door, introduce yourself and ask first.

  2. Kori hooff says:

    I love the bunnies! Don’t do anything to them! Are they a pest to someone or something? That person should try to fix the problem on their end or relocate the bunnies don’t kill them!!!

  3. Wendy Prosperi-Porta says:

    I love the rabbits at the cemetery! I look forward to seeing them when I go visit my passed loved ones. They put a huge smile on my face, they make me happy, love the babies and my grandchildren love them and they chase after them. Please don’t kill these rabbits, trap them and sterilize them too. This makes me very sad to hear this.

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