PETS of Powell River

The Sky is Falling. The Sky is Falling. These chickens thought so, as dusk approached on Duck Lake Road and they were far from home with no chicken coop in sight.

What fate led them to be together, miles from the nearest farm or country home, running from the hunter-owl winging overhead on a dark night in February? Whatever or whoever brought them to such calamity, it was obvious what their ending was going to be.

The young man who happened upon the fleeing birds took in the scene in a glance.  He hurried home, mustered up two more adults and a large dog and they drove miles and miles back up Duck Lake Road.

Leaving the dog in the truck, they searched for the chickens and eventually found two huddled in the bushes alongside the road. After fruitlessly searching for the remaining five birds, they let the dog out of the truck. He immediately led them first to a cluster of hens some distance from the first two they’d found, then later in another direction, to the rooster. After two hours they had all seven birds in crates and they were homeward bound.

This story has a happy ending. The anonymous rescuers have adopted the rooster and peep of chickens. After three days of ravenous eating the brood has settled in and calmed down. The hens have even started laying eggs.

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8 Responses to PETS of Powell River

  1. I know, but usually the unknown information comes back round…if you wait long enough. The photo has been viewed hundreds of times, so you never know!

  2. Norma says:

    I am not sure how far chickens can run nor do I think they could have survived more than a night or two outside so I don’t believe they wandered far over time. Chickens are everyone’s favorite food, after all. I just hate the idea that someone would actually dump them, especially since there are plenty of people who would be happy to have them. They could have gone on Facebook or hung a notice at the feed store, just to start…It also seems funny no one has come forward and explained how their chickens wound up in the woods by accident….

  3. Could be the answer, but how far can chickens run? They were miles and miles from any farm. Geesh, poor little things.

  4. Norma says:

    I remember going up the back country once as a little girl and seeing a couple of chickens. Rabbits were a very common sight, as were cats. My father, who was a farmer, would get really angry about it and say people just dumped them. I hope people know better these days. I suppose it’s possible something chased this little flock to the point where they got lost–there are quite a few people with livestock around that area.

  5. Hard to imagine how they might have arrived there? It’s out there now, so the full story might find its way back to me…then I will share it with you. Or, vice versa.

  6. Norma says:

    Oh, I thought maybe one bird didn’t make it, not that you couldn’t count. Poor things–good they got a home and I sure hope no one just dumped them.

  7. Hmm..methinks you are right, six hens plus one rooster, adds up to seven! I’ve changed the posting. Thanks.

  8. Norma says:

    I see seven birds in the photo, not six.

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