Born to be a Boat Builder

barrie farrell book
Barrie Farrell is a name well-known to boat builders and mariners up and down the BC coast. He grew up in Pender Harbour where boating is a natural way of life. During his childhood he watched and helped his father, Allen Farrell, build several 30′ and 40′ boats from beach combed lumber. Each boat took form using only basic hand tools. Growing up in this environment, building and sailing boats, Barrie and his two brothers learned the way of the boat builder, and the water, from a young age.

Following his father’s lead, Barrie built his first boat while still in his teens – using only hand tools. In his adult years, however, he perfected a fiberglass hull design and the Farrell line produced fast, sleek gillnetters and trollers for the BC salmon fleet. To date, Barrie has built over 300 commercial, sport fishing and pleasure boats. At age 81, he still works on boats.

Barrie’s autobiography, Boats in My Blood: A Lifetime in Boatbuilding, published by Harbour Publishing, is now available. A fine read, and not just for the nautical.

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