Pacific Ferries Inc. Inaugural Run


Seagulls winged and squawked overhead as Pacific Ferries Inc. made their inaugural run from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale yesterday on the newhigh-speed passenger boat, the YVR Coastal Clipper. Neatly and efficiently snugging up to the dock in Langdale, two crew tied up the craft before a small group of smiling, relaxed passengers disembarked. Pic Cred:

Pacific Ferries was established last year and aim to provide fast, reliable passenger ferry service between Langdale and Horseshoe Bay. Their courteous, fully trained staff offer hourly trips departing from Horseshoe Bay terminal and Sunshine Coast during peak times. Pacific Ferries’ quick and efficient service is competitively priced and can knock up to an hour and a half off your normal commute. Below is Pacific Ferries schedule:

pacific ferries schedule


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