Powell River Celebrates Heritage Week

Townsite Heritage Logo

The Townsite Heritage Society is celebrating Heritage Week, Feb.16 – 20, 2016, with photographic displays and the public is invited to drop by their information booth at the following locations:

  • Town Centre Mall  on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 16 and 17 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm;
  • Powell River Recreation Complex, lower foyer, Thursday and Friday, February 18 and 19 from 4:00 – 8:00 pm; and
  • Powell River Recreation Complex, lower foyer,Saturday, February 20th from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Residents can also pick up a $5 annual membership and become members of the Townsite Heritage Society.


Beautiful, historic Henderson House is waiting for you to visit and enjoy. At the corner of Walnut Street and Arbutus Avenue, Dr. Henderson’s home of 1911 was one of the first actual houses completed in Townsite. Pic Cred: Townsite Heritage Society.

Take a walk back in time this week during local celebrations of BC Heritage Week and visit one of the daily displays presented by the Townsite Heritage Society of Powell River. There, alongside books and photos, you will meet interesting residents well-versed in local history with stories to share.

Did you know that Townsite was designated as a National Historic District of Canada in 1995? It is one of only seven in Canada and the only one in Western Canada. A very prestigious designation, it confirms that Powell River Townsite, remarkably intact with over 400 original buildings contained within the borders of the 1910 town plan, is an historical asset to the entire country.

“Historically, our community was pre-planned with principles generated from progressive philosophical movements arising as a result of the excesses of industrialization in the late 19th century,” said THS spokeswoman Linda Nailor. “The Garden City and Arts and Crafts Movements influenced Powell River’s planners of 1910 in regard to the location and architectural style of our homes, parks, green belts, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.”

The prime mover behind the town’s development was the Powell River Company, which was responsible for pre-planning, constructing and providing for most of the community’s needs.

Henderson House, a heritage restoration project, is located close to where the original hospital was sited, in Townsite. It is a good example of the architectural style of the day. Now a resource and interpretive centre, it is open to the public and hopefully offers an opportunity to inspire preservation.


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