Letter to Editor – Louis Riel Day

The following note was sent by reader David Doyle following this week’s prdn article: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s message on Louis Riel Day.

I wish to thank Prime Minister Trudeau for his reflections on Louis Riel – “The ideals that Louis Riel fought for – ideals of inclusiveness and equality – are now the very same values on which we base our country’s identity.” There remains however a great dycotyme; although recognized by Canada’s Prime Minister Louis Riel remains a criminal – guilty of High Treason – a “traitor” to Canada.

The trial and unjust execution of Louis Riel has been Canada’s “great divide.” Only now is it healing. Across Canada and internationally friends of Louis Riel are seeking rectification. They seek to have Riel’s conviction revoked by Parliament. After 130 years the evidence is in, Metis lawyer and author George Goulet has written “Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied” – the definitive analysis of Louis Riel’s trial, appeal and execution. We know and can prove Riel’s trial was “fitted-up.”

Justice was not served, then or now. Respectfully I suggest it is time to heal this scar upon Confederation and for the Trudeau government to take up its historic role in reconciliation of Canada’s “great divide. Revoke Riel’s conviction for High Treason and formally recognize Louis Riel as Canada’s Aboriginal (Metis) Father of Confederation in time for Canada’s Sesquicentennial—July 1, 2017. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA.

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