Dormant Oil…What? When? Why? How?


Dormant oil is a product that everyone should know about, says Heather Claxton of Mother Nature, pet and garden shop at 7050 Duncan Street. “Whether you have a large property with many fruit trees or a small plot with just a few shrubs and trees, Dormant Oil will help with Scale, Mites, Leaf Curl, Black Spot, Powdery Mildew as well as a more abundant fruit crop,” Heather said. Info and Pic Cred: Mother Nature.

What is it?           Horticultural Oil and Lime Sulphur mixed, which you combine with water.

When do you use it?       Winter and Summer. We always suggest spraying twice a year to be sure all insects and eggs sacks have been hit. When spraying in the winter, be sure the temperature has stayed above freezing for 24 hours and your leaf buds HAVE NOT opened. This is important as the oil may damage the tender baby leaves. Another tip is to spray after you have done your seasonal pruning as to not waste product. If spraying in the summer, do this in the late season, September is best, and select a calm dry day to spray.

Why use Dormant Oil?      Disease and pest damage are ongoing problems in the world of gardening. The other dilemma is finding a safer more environmentally friendly solution that works. Cue Dormant Oil! When you spray your trees, shrubs and ornamentals, you will be suffocating, penetrating and killing the egg sacks laid by insects such as scale, mites and aphids. When these eggs are destroyed, you’re not only eliminating the insect but also the disease and fungus that comes along with them. Peach Leaf Curl is such a common disease and Dormant Oil is one of the only cures!

How do I apply?       Because Dormant Oil is relatively natural, it can be mixed and applied using any standard spray bottle or pump sprayer you may have at home. Mix the horticultural oil, lime sulphur and water together, according to the directions, select a calm dry day and have at it!

**Dormant Oil ( available at Mother Nature on Duncan Avenue)is highly dangerous to eyes so please take caution and wear goggles or a mask and full sleeves and pants, shoes and socks when mixing and spraying.**

DO NOT SPRAY:      Maple trees, Blue Spruce and select varieties of Pines as the Dormant Oil can cause damage to the colour and foliage of the trees.



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