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Prime Minister Trudeau has promised a new relationship with First Nations, based on respect for treaty and aboriginal rights. Write to Prime Minister Trudeau today and ask him to fulfill this commitment by halting work on the Site C dam.

West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations are challenging the project in court. Yet BC Hydro continues to pursue an aggressive work schedule, clear-cutting old-growth trees along the southern bank of the Peace River and on river islands, destroying eagle nests and crushing beaver lodges under heavy equipment.

Site C, the biggest project in Canada, is proceeding on the strength of a 2014 federal cabinet decision that never even looked at how the project would infringe treaty rights. Although the Joint Review Panel found that Site C would have severe and permanent adverse effects on traditional uses of the land by First Nations, the Panel was explicitly barred from making any findings as to how this would affect treaty rights.

Time is running out. Now is the moment for the federal government to step in and stop this violation of treaty and aboriginal rights. Please take action now.

Energy projects that violate human rights are not clean or green. In this day and age, there are far less damaging and less costly methods that could be used to meet British Columbia’s energy needs – many of which would create more jobs than Site C.

Please take action now and stand in solidarity with West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations, and other people of Treaty 8. Info and Pic Cred: Sierra Club BC.

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