RCMP Weekly Update

News Release for Feb 15th – Feb 22nd 2016

Total Calls for Service = 93
Impaired Driving = 1
Assaults = 2
Break and Enters = 2
Thefts = 3
Mischief = 3

Recycle Center Tagged With Graffiti

Between Tuesday February 16th and Wednesday February 17th the Sunshine Coast Disposal Center, located behind Rona, was vandalised. The northwest side of the building was spray painted with bright red paint. To date no suspects have been identified.


On February 17th at approx. 5:30pm a 2015 GMC Sierra collided with a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta while making a left turn from Alberni Street onto Michigan Avenue. The Volkswagen was extensively damaged and needed to be towed. Luckily there was no injures to any of the parties involved.

Vehicle in Ditch

On February 17th at approximately 10:30pm a Red Chevrolet Cobalt lost control near the Eagle River Bridge while attempting to avoid colliding with a deer and ended up in the ditch. The vehicle sustained significant damage and needed to be towed. The two occupants of the vehicle were not injured.

Theft of first aid supplies

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