Now, Where Did I See That?

Three raised beds planted with rows of garlic soak up the sunshine this week in a garden north of Powell River. Did you know slave drivers in ancient Egypt fed garlic to the thousands of workers as they toiled non-stop? Garlic was thought to fortify the workers so they could endlessly labour without dropping from illness or exhaustion. Garlic is planted in October-November in coastal BC and harvested in mid-July. These plants are well on their way to producing a bumper crop.

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3 Responses to Now, Where Did I See That?

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you but I have just been in touch with them. FB is incredible for these sort of things. I will go to the Farm today and get some.😀😀

  2. It’s all for personal use, but there’s always the Farmer’s Market…also, a farm in Wildwood grows and sells wonderful garlic. I will find out their name and post it for you.

  3. Linda says:

    Would sure like to buy some when ready. Who should I call?

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