Raging River, Flooded Land

Brookfield Energy opened spill gates on Lois Lake this afternoon and rhe ensuing floodwaters have spread onto private property – just like last year.

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4 Responses to Raging River, Flooded Land

  1. We are not giving up in complete frustration this year like we did last year. I worry about erosion on the bank, destabilization of the layers of soil…..and, isn’t it a huge irony that as lease holders we are not allowed to dig a fencepost hole for fear of destroying artifacts or disturbing middens on First Nations land, but this can occur with impunity?

  2. It happened by ‘accident’ in 1982 when all the spillgates were opened on Christmas Eve…that time it washed away an island that was in the middle of the river mouth. A breakwater was built to redirect the river back out into the ocean as the new pathway was causing erosion. I have lived right above the river for six years now and for the first four years this didn’t happen, perhaps the water was released from Lois Lake more gradually. Last year Brookfield opened the spillgates and huge flooding occurred, simultaneous king tides and bad storms didn’t help. They released the water one month later this year, and flooding ensued. This is Sechelt First Nation land, we lease the property from them, so ultimately it is their responsibility. My house is on a bank, the bank has swirling water flowing by, cutting a new channel back into the oean several hundred feet from the river mouth. Both times the water was released late on a Friday afternoon when no one is around to contact. A man from Brookfield came and walked the breakwater with me last year and acknowledged that the rushing river had breached the breakwater, but a spokeswoman for the company told me the river mouth was not their jurisdiction. I sent 32 photos to Sechelt Indian Band, got a file number from the provincial RAPP, and was told they’d be in touch within 72 hours…didn’t hear from them again, MLA nicholas Simon’s office didnt return my call, etc. Oceans and Fisheries weren’t concerned, no one seems to think it’s a problem. And for the fun side of any downer…..two crazy kayakers came down the river last year and said it was glorious fun. So, one person’s concern is another’s delight!

  3. Terry says:

    Question. When M&B (Macmillan Bloedel) managed the dam and lake system, did this kind of event happen? Or is this an event caused by idiots that don’t understand or care to understand how to manage what they own?

  4. Brenda says:

    …and nobody will do a damn thing about our properties….

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