PRDN wants YOU


Powell River Daily News wants YOU to submit articles, letters, upcoming events and photos to help expand the daily scope of the newsblog that brings Stories that affect our Community to your home. Amongst the news items we deliver, each day of the week features one regular posting:

Mondays: WORD to Ponder – The English language offers up many interesting and under-used words. What words do you love?

Tuesdays: Walk down memory lane – Old photos depicting life in our community 10, 20 30 or more years ago are always fun and intriguing to look at; do you have some to share?

Wednesdays: People @ small planet – This is a BIG world and sometimes a SMALL world. What’s taking place around the globe that has caught your interest?

Thursdays: Now, Where Did I See That? – We have faithfully posted random shots of Powell River life for the past two years, much to your enjoyment. Now, it is your turn.

Fridays: Guest Columnist – We are always open to opinion pieces.

Saturdays: PETS of Powell River – Do you have a photo of your beloved pet you’d like us to post. Celebrate animals – we have posted photos of dogs, cats, mice, pigs, horses and ponies. We would love to post a photo of your pet.

Sundays: Food for Thought – Provoking, moving, uplifting stories to end the week.

Perhaps you have something to add to the above categories, or something completely new and different. Let us post your awesome photos, tell us what you think, remind us about events that are taking place, and please give us suggestions on how we can expand and make this site even better. Info and pic creds are given, so please include your name and contact info. Send your offerings to

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