The Story about Clothing – The True Cost

The True Cost‘ will make you think twice about purchasing that cheap shirt. The documentary film will be shown tonight, Wednesday, March 9th at VIU, Room #148 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. A group discussion will follow the film presentation. Admission is by donation and all proceeds will go to support the eCouture Fashion Show, April 23, 2016.

Andrew Morgan’s documentary ‘The True Cost‘ details the devastating environmental and social effects of the increasingly pervasive ‘fast fashion’ industry.

Reviewers of the film say the only way to approach this documentary without feeling hopelessly guilt-ridden is to be naked while watching it!

“Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t have already contributed to the problem addressed in the film unless you’ve managed to avoid purchasing inexpensive clothing from such pervasive retail outlets as H&M, the Gap, Zara, Walmart, Target and countless others,” said Frank Scheck, of the Hollywood Reporter. “The film very convincingly makes the point that The True Cost of such bargains is very high indeed.”


The film details the devastating effects on the people in third world countries who produce the cheap clothing and are essentially treated as disposable cogs in a cruel machine. The statistics are damning: Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil; we now consume 500% more clothing than we did two decades ago; in 1969 America produced over 95% of its own clothing while today the figure stands at 3%, with the rest outsourced to developing countries.

The film also depicts the horrendous environmental damage resulting from the industry’s massive growth, from pesticide-infused cotton fields in India to massive landfills in Haiti where a good portion of our donated, used clothing winds up, to the abundance of chemicals dumped into the waters of developing countries that have led to a massive rise in cancer and birth defects.

If films like ‘Super Size Me’ and ‘Fast Food Nation’ can begin to put a dent in the similarly harmful fast food industry, it’s certainly possible that the film ‘The True Cost‘ will mark a step in the same direction for fast fashion. Pic and Info Creds: Frank Scheck and Hollywood Reporter.

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