UHSPR 2016 Spring Bootcamp

Improve your household resilience by learning how to raise small livestock, grow food, cook with the harvest, and build your homestead infrastructure at the two day Urban Homesteading School of Powell River’s Spring Bootcamp, coming up on March 19th and 20th at Sycamore Commons.

Socialize and share with others who have similar goals, and get inspired by those who are already doing what you want to do, says Kevin Wilson, owner and operator at UHSPR. “This full weekend of workshops, classes and field trips will take your urban homesteading to the next level, whether you’re just starting or have been doing it for years.”

Many sessions are hands-on and all are taught by local experts. “You can attend the whole weekend, just one day, or specific sessions, as you wish,” Kevin said. “New this year is a whole stream of Permaculture classes.”

Ioni Wais, local ethnobotanist, will be conducting a two-part workshop called Weeds 101. “What is a weed? What makes weeds so successful? And how do we deal with them,” Ioni said. “This workshop will answer those questions plus everything else you ever wanted to know about weeds.”

wagon of weeds Ioni

The Weeds 101 workshop will take a look at:

  • Weed morphology and diversity;
  • Strategies for removing and controlling weeds;
  • Identification skills and resources; and
  • Culinary uses and recipes for common weeds.

The workshop includes an hour-long walkabout in Townsite, so participants should dress for the weather. Check out UHSPR’s website for more information or to register for workshops and classes.

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