On a Hunger Strike to save the Peace River Valley from Site C Dam


From our friend Kristin Henry: “PLEASE SHARE! HOUR 18! Well Vancouver – now you know why I came back early. Today is DAY 1 of my hunger strike against the destruction of the Peace River Valley – a strike that will continue until construction of the site C dam is halted and the rights of the Treaty 8 are upheld and respected! I am camped outside of BC hydros office downtown and I’m not eating a bite or going anywhere until site C is stopped.

We are at the tipping point. Globally, we are running out of clean air, land and water – the things that give us life! And with 7.4 billion people to feed, we simply can not afford to destroy this beautiful valley – rich in wilderness, biodiversity & agricultural land – enough land to feed a million people for a year. We simply can not afford any more destruction.

And I’m scared for the future, for my future. So much so that I’m willing to put my life and health on the line. So share this message – let the world know that if this project goes through, Christy Clarke, BC hydro and everyone else contributing to the destruction of the Peace River Valley will have blood on their hands – because it’s not fucking happening while I’m alive. I will sit here and starve until this madness is stopped. Because we NEED clean air, land and water to live – but we do NOT need site C!

The Treaty 8 have lived in the Peace River Valley since time immemorial. They have said no to this project. I strike in solidarity with them, and their right to live their traditional way of life, for generations to come.

So stand with me! If not in the strike itself, there are many ways to support. I need a media spokesperson for when my energy starts to fade. Warm clothes and tea < 3 and most importantly, I need physical support – come by for an hour, a day or a night. & bring music, song, poetry, art in all forms; positivity; healing; strength. let’s make this a beautiful thing – a celebration of a healthy future with no site c.

Love and support from afar is encouraged and appreciated < 3 but if you’ve got questions and want to talk about why I feel the need to take this stand – you’ll have to come see me here.

NO FUCKING SITE C! stay tuned.”

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2 Responses to On a Hunger Strike to save the Peace River Valley from Site C Dam

  1. wow – you are amazing – don’t let them stop you – get the word out – tons will help

  2. sarah says:


    LOVE 🙂

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