Time to plant potatoes – Mother Nature

Mother Nature is no small fry when it comes to SEED POTATOES!
It’s time once again to plant your potatoes for great tasting and long lasting spuds this winter. So, how do you start and which is the best variety for you?

Mother Nature seed potatoes photoPlanting Guidelines
Potatoes can handle cool soils and moderate frosts so your safe to start planting any time! A minimum soil temperature when your ready to plant should be 6°C (43°F). Plants will appear about 2-3 weeks after you plant!

Set your tubers approximately 7-10cm (3-4″) deep, and 30cm (12″) apart in prepared trenches,  spaced 60cm (24″) apart.  Be sure when cutting your potatoes to plant, that you have at least 1 eye per chunk.

Well-drained, loamy soil rich in organic matter is preferred, but potatoes are not overly fussy. If Try growing a cover crop through the winter months to help improve heavy clay soils for your spring planting.  Do not lime areas planned for potatoes. When the above-ground portion of the plant is 30cm (12″) tall, “hill up” soil 15cm (6″) around the plants. It’s okay to cover green leaves. Straw or grass mulch also works well. This process can be repeated up two or three times.
**We don’t recommend watering after you plant your potatoes until a couple of inches of green appears above ground.  This will help with disease.  It is important, though, not to let the soil become too dry, and to irrigate while plants are flowering.

“New” potatoes can be harvested about 7-8 weeks after planting. Potatoes grown for late summer and fall “fresh” use can be dug when tubers are full size or when foliage begins to die. For potatoes grown for storage and winter use, harvest should take place after vines have died back, alternatively, the plants may have to be cut or mown. After killing and removing the plants, tubers should stay in the ground for another 2 weeks to allow firming of their skins for storage. Optimum storage conditions are a dark location 4-7º C (40-45ºF) and 90% relative humidity. Paper sacks stored in a garage will also work fine. Check them often though to remove any that are starting to go soft.

Which Variety is Right for you?
Whether you prefer a potato to keep or potatoes to eat fresh, we have endless varieties!

Packaged:  *we carry a variety of package sizes and weights*
Warba * Bintje * Yukon Gold * Red Pontiac * Kennebec * Nicola (Low Glycemic Index)

Bulk Organic & Gourmet:
Satina * French Fingerling * Butterfly (German Butterball) * Russian Blue

Bulk Regular:
Bintje * Chieftain * Kennebec * Norland * Warba * Russet Burbank * Red Pontiac * Yukon * Gold * Victoria

Visit Mother Nature today, at 7050 Duncan Street, on-line at www.mother-nature.ca or call 604-485-9878 for more information. Info and pic creds: Mother Nature.

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