PR Gymnastics Competition Results

PR Gymnastics club Surrey competition 2016

Powell River Gymnastics Club has had a busy spring, with local athletes bring home ribbons and trophies. Here are the results from the Carol Lentz Memorial Invitational that took place on March 4 & 5, 2016.


Pr Gymnastics 4

Hannah Simpson
Vault- gold
Bars- silver
Beam- silver
Floor- gold
All-Around: GOLD!

Olivia Blackburn-Hopkins
Vault- gold
Bars- gold
Beam- bronze
Floor- gold
All-Around: SILVER!


Cedar Galligos
Vault- silver
Bars- silver
Beam- gold
Floor- silver
All-Around: SILVER!

Kate Forbes
Vault- bronze
Bars- bronze
Beam- silver
Floor- bronze
All-Around: BRONZE!


PR Gymnastics 3


Lila LaRose
Vault- 7th
Bars- 1st
Beam- 4th
Floor- 7th
All-Around: FOURTH!

Raelyn Zakkour
Vault- 6th
Bars- 4th
Beam- 5th
Floor- 5th
All-Around: FIFTH!

Larissa Laing
Vault- 4th
Bars- 7th
Beam- 7th
Floor- 6th
All-Around: SEVENTH!

Gabrielle Marshman
Vault- 12th
Bars- 21st
Beam- 20th
Floor- 21st

Emma Young
Vault- 6th
Bars- 12th
Beam- 11th
Floor- 10th
All-Around: ELEVENTH!

PR Gymnastics 7


JO Girls -JO Level 9

Katya Senilova
Vault- 5th
Bars- 5th
Beam- 5th
Floor- 4th
All-Around: FIFTH!



JO Level 6

Madison Belyea
Vault- 10th
Bars- 13th
Beam- 10th
Floor- 12th
All-Around: TWELFTH!

PR Gymnastics 6

JO Level 7

Victoria Lecouteur
Vault- 2nd
Bars- 16th
Beam- 16th
Floor- 13th

Hillary English
Vault- 1st
Bars- 11th
Beam- 14th
Floor- 14th

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