Stillwater Bluffs – Malaspina Land Conservancy Society


As part of Earth Month, a community discussion about Stillwater Bluffs was held on Monday night, April 18th. It was very well attended with representatives from many community groups and individual members of the public. The evening was facilitated to ensure that end goals could be attained within a two-hour time limit. The goals were to determine the capacity within the community to take action the community wishes to take on preservation of the bluffs, and a plan of how to get there. Lofty goals, but good strides were made toward these.

Island Timberland owns District Lot 3040, 118 acres of partly forested land, which includes cliffs and bluffs along the shoreline. It is a dry maritime area of coastal western hemlock, arbutus, cedar and Douglas fir with a salal and Oregon grape understory, and lichens and mosses upon the bluffs. The area has been accessed by the community for more than 100 years, is zoned ‘resource’ by the Powell River Regional District’s official community plan and is private managed forest land.

There were presentations at the beginning of the evening to bring everyone up to speed on history and previous work related to securing the area for community use as parkland, and from then on everyone participated to determine what action the community wishes to take.

A few years ago, when the Parks and Greenspace Plan was created, Stillwater Bluffs was named as one of six primary areas within the regional district that the community would like to see owned and preserved for community use and enjoyment. This meeting on Monday was to reconnect with the public to find out what the community wants to do and how everyone can work together. It was hosted by Malaspina Land Conservancy Society. A report on the meeting is available through request at

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