Letter to the Editor re Sino Bright School and the ALR

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, there will be a city hosted meeting to discuss the removal of
lands from the ALR for the purpose of establishing Sino Bright school.

There has been an incredible lack of information/transparency from both the
city and the school district in regard to this proposed school.

We do know that 107 jobs have been suggested. But, we do not know the
composition of those jobs. How many are teaching jobs? Are they union or
non-union? Will they employ local people or people from elsewhere? It is
expected from the report that each student will spend $10,000/year in Powell
River. Really? On what? That is apart from tuition and housing. Each
student will pay around $35,000/year tuition. How much does the local
school district realize? How much goes to the Chinese entrepreneurs
arranging the student participation. One needs to know that this is a
growing industry in China, establishing schools and sending wealthy kids

We cannot be naive about this program assuming that we are just embracing
diversity. This is an industry!!

Please attend this event!!

Patricia Cocksedge

Editor’s Note: The meeting referred to above, takes place Wednesday, April 27th starting at 7:00 pm at the PR Recreation Complex.

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One Response to Letter to the Editor re Sino Bright School and the ALR

  1. Sara Blum says:

    Thank you for your posting and I will see you at the Complex tonight.

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